Symptoms Checklist

This list can be used as a checklist for adults, parents and children, teachers and other professionals and can be taken along to your behavioural optometrist.

  • Blurring of words when reading
  • Working distance close when writing or reading
  • Blinks or rubs eyes a lot
  • Gets rapidly tired at school and often exhausted at end of school day
  • Headaches and/or aching eyes
  • Difficulties with copying from the blackboard or book
  • Poor or variable handwriting, often slow
  • Poor co-ordination or history of co-ordination problems
  • Loss of concentration, poor attention span
  • Reading accuracy and speed below chronological age
  • Loses place or line when reading
  • Misses out words or letters when reading
  • Often has to use finger as a marker to keep place
  • Often has to use finger as a marker to keep place
  • Mixes numbers in Maths
  • Comprehension exercises difficult
  • Reverses letters and numbers
  • Mirror writing
  • Confuses right and left past age 7 (and sometimes up and down)
  • Makes phonetic spelling errors
  • Poor visual memory
  • Poor at Maths
  • Creative writing difficult
  • Poor posture when working
  • Covers one eye when reading
  • Moves head when reading
  • Homework takes longer than it should
  • Poor at ball skills and team games
  • Does not understand what has been read


For more details, view our glossary of terms.

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