Eye Tests

We offer Full Service Optometry.


In addition to carrying out your examination and ensuring your Eye Health, our Optometrists (Opticians) will supervise our Optical Assistants when dispensing your spectacle prescription, i.e. confirming the suitability of frame and lenses for you, varifocal collection, and confirming your competence to handle contact lenses.


The Optometrist will also be present to review the results of Digital Retinal Photography and Visual Field assessment.

For more details, view our glossary of terms.

Our Optometrist / Optician will supervise our Optical Assistants with optical services including:

- Dispensing your prescription

- Confirming suitability of frames and lenses

- Varifocal collection

- Confirming competence to use contact lenses


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For more details, view our glossary of terms.