Contact Lenses

We offer Home Delivery for your Contact Lenses.

Are you considering switching from glasses to contact lenses? Unlike many larger optical stores, Jenson & Ledingham Opticians are free to choose from any contact lens manufacturer on the market.

The freedom for us to choose from many brands ensures you will always receive the most suitable type of lenses at very competitive prices. When you wear contact lenses it is important that your eyes are checked regularly to ensure they remain healthy and you always have the optimum lenses for your eyes.


All our prices include:

- Fitting fees

- Check-up appointments

- Emergency appointments

- Free replacements

- Sight tests every two years


We do not re-package or re-brand any of our suppliers products like other opticians sometimes do. When your lenses are supplied by Jenson & Ledingham you will know exactly which type and manufacturer we are recommending. With new silicone materials it has never been easier to enjoy the benefits of contact lenses with unparalleled comfort. This applies to all ages – even if you wear varifocal glasses. We are accredited supplier of major contact lens manufacturers including Johnson & Johnson, Ciba, Cooper Vision, Bausch & Lomb, Sauflon, Veni Vidi.

Our Careplan aftercare programme is a great way to enjoy contact lenses. As an independent practice, we can base your Careplan around virtually any type of lens made by major and specialised manufacturers.

From initial consultation and fitting, we're here to provide ongoing care and assistance to ensure contact lenses supplied through us provide you with optimum eyesight and comfort.

And with no minimal order requirement, no matter what your needs are, you can benefit from our great prices.


 If you'd like further information before buying contact lenses, call in at our Opticians in Aberdeen or call us on 01224 454 534.

For more details, view our glossary of terms.